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We help companies prepare
for a digital future.

In the name of digital transformation, companies invest in applications and systems to boost productivity and employee engagement. However, this forces employees to use lots of tools without proper integration into existing systems and processes, training, or documented best practices.


Digital transformation focuses on processes and tools, Digital Workplace focuses on the employee experience. It provides employees with a platform that empowers employees to get the most out of the new tools of digital transformation.

The world has changed. Have you?

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Drive Results through
Process-Based Management

Financial Data

Bottom-line business performance is obviously a result of higher revenue and lower costs; and Process-Based Management is a critical element to achieving this performance. 

Start with your corporate strategy that defines the company - what you do, how you do it, and who you serve. Then, investigate every process that directly delivers on that strategy. Examine each step of the process and rigorously ask the questions: "Does this serve our core mission and vision?" Define the important metrics by which these processes can be measured. Optimize these processes and monitor the process performance metrics along with corporate financial numbers and find the correlation. 

This is Process-Based Management.

Our Services

Process Transformation Services

Is every problem a nail?

In today's world of accelerated digital transformation, it is tempting to jump into the latest RPA, BPM and collaboration tool to fix your outdated way-of-working. 

Before selecting the right tools for your organization, take a look at your existing processes and identify the areas with the best opportunities for digitization and develop a roadmap for future scaling.

We do not hold partnership agreements with any software company, so we can remain unbiased in our support of your organization. We can recommend specific solutions based on our extensive knowledge of the automation world and then refer you to the right implementation partner.

When you only have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail - we help you equip your toolbox before you try to fix your operations.

Process Performance

Why is your competition out-bidding you or delivering faster than you? We analyze your processes and identify areas for performance improvement.

Process Risk Analysis

We help  you identify the short-term risk that leads to quality, compliance, and governance problems as well as the medium- and long-term risk that impacts your growth and innovation.

Process Implementation

We don't just develop lofty ideas and run. We stay and help you and your team implement, train and achieve the promised improvements. 

Process Risk Analysis

Are your processes holding you back?

Companies tend to focus on a lot of different types of risks - often focusing on external factors such as market shifts, geopolitics, and technology changes, to  name a few. Process Risk Analysis looks both internally and externally in a similar way to understand how business processes are impacting the organization.

The goal of Process Risk Analysis breaks down the process landscape and assigns each process a risk score based on precision and accuracy, and classifies their risks as Operational, Competitive, and Strategic. 

This helps you focus on fixing the right process problems, the right way.

Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, consider these risks before you end up reacting urgently to process failures.

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About Us

You are not alone.

Silvermist Consulting was founded on these ideas:


  • Processes must be optimized before being digitalized.

  • A real Digital Workplace is much more than a suite of tools.

  • A powerful suite of tools is only useful when we improve processes to optimize the employee experience.

Silvermist Consulting is a digital-first, fully remote firm based in Ottawa, Canada and servicing Canada and the United States, that focuses on helping companies with Digital Transformation, Process Optimization and Operational Excellence.

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